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Charleen's Unordinary World

Char's Livin' her life, with the unordinary side.

Lolz, hey you bananas out there! I'm charchar_xoxo, but you can simply call me Charleen for formal uses, or use the nicknames Char or Char-Char but basically if people know me that well they call me that. Well, first of all, you know i really hate writing biographies, I mean, I want someone else to write it for me. My favorite color is purple, I love many things in the world. I hate things too, such as pickles and bugs. I'm a "The Sims" fan, and I have another journal for my simming stuff over at everythingsims. I'll be writing legacies, and commenting on many that I love to read, because everyones legacies are awesome.
I don't update my orignal journal much, but i may try. But you can see more amazing things at everythingsims. Such as a legacy! I hope you enjoyed reading this, even though i have no clue what to write. Bye!