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So Live Your Life

Soooo as of my first entry I have to say, things are not what you would expect it lol.
Ok ok there would be lots you want to know about me but let's see, I'm too busy daydreaming about Jasper.
And if you dont know who Jasper is....GO HOME!
lmao, ok kidding.

The usual Question people would ask is
"How's Life?"
I say:
Great, awesome, perfect.
Soooo yeah I would then walk off, then again I think I should ramble on about it.
Then there's
My Life '08
when I describe how my life is going.
Oh yeah there's more but I'll save it for another time ok?

Atleast we have no school this week XDDD

But for me there's more to life then just school
more like
friends, family, Twilight, Jasper Hale.
Yeah!  You knew I would mention Jasper, no?