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Many Months Later in 2009...

Look, Charleen is Back.
Go throw me a party bring some presents and one of those Presents better be Jasper and Kanye.
yeah much as changed about me since my awaynessness, but who cares.  I'm still the same Charleen. kinda.
Uhm, I'm here too say Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Oh yeah, and too update this since Scribbler's kinda sorta made me because I'm adding some of my homiesz. 
Ahaha like that User pic, you know what I watched the trailer for new moon and guess what I was all "OH MY GOD JASPERRRR!!!" 
but then again *wink wink* I was proud of Jasper attacking Bella for some reason.  yes fans you may shoot me. BUT NOT LITERALLY!
Ahah ouch that would just.....hurt.
*huggles Jasper too death*

whoops not enough Kanye West love my bad. :P

It's summer i'm relaxing but I'm going to not heaven but below that on monday.  Ughhhh I have to go take 2 math classes cuz my teacher though I needed EXTRA help, like I'm some dummy.
and I could've took the writing class but NOOOOOOOOO!!

And you know what I'm going too do not even pay attention the second math class im totally gonna mind my own bussiness and like really probably write in my notebook!!
Ohh yeah!!
ahaha.   I have a bunch too write about there.
Dude I keep staring at the avatar.
You know if wish I could've jump in the trailer or something and go all to edward.
"DON'T LAY A HAND ON JASPER!!!" and use my super cool vampire powers too stop him xDD
yeah if i had any vampire power it would be too......do anyspell I could think of.  Then again in this Fanfic I'm writing about me, Jasper, and Kanye i think im still human o_o
ahaha.  Yeah this is soooo weird writing this blog not that anyone would read it but whatever. 
I mean....
*waits for fans to tackle her*

------Charleen M. Hale/West

P.S. Random but....I LOVE RAMEN NOODLES. I had some for lunch!