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Oh Dear Charleen Hale, Get some sleep, please?


Ahhhhh I'm still up, and that's actually kind of amusing.
And I don't want to get some sleep mind you title.
Soooo I'm currently on my mom's laptop typing this, since this is like my favorite computer ever!  besides mine of course haha.
Sooooo what is the all nighter Charleen doing all night long?
I dunno, she's like surfing the computer, and fantasizes about Jasper, yep.
But then again will she wake up ever tomorrow?!
I dunno.....it actually depends on my mood.
And I hate sleeping anyway.  It's ruins time.
Soooo as the all nighter person, I guess I should say goodnight, to those who are ACTUALLY sleeping right now, then again I should too.
And now I'm afriad everyone WANTS me in bed :P
No wait, what am I saying.
Ok fine, but I can't make any promises.

Oh How I love Jasper Hale, he's the love of my life since July of this year, yeah I keep thinking about him at this moment, because I am, so deal with it.  Actually, then what it Charleen's life without Jasper?
Boring, crumpled, erm anything else?

And I'm counting down the days til December 2, when I will see the Twilight movie XD.
Who else is excited for the Cullens and the action and Edward and Jasper and TWILIGHT ON THE  BIG SCREEN!
lol. ok, I'm too hyped up right now, and soooon, I'll be getting my sleep as I'm supposed to soon.